It represents the volume of exports of tradable goods. The data is segmented by year and by CAE Rev3 (Portuguese Classification of Economic Activities).

Indicators represented in this dashboard
Technical notes concerning data sources

In this statistic, companies with the following CAE classes and subclasses were considered, taking into account the notes listed under "Remarks":

  • 22111 - Manufacture of tires and inner tubes and tire reconstruction
  • 28300 - Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery
  • 29100 - Manufacture of motor vehicles
  • 29200 - Manufacture of bodywork, trailers and semi-trailers
  • 29310 - Manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles
  • 29320 - Manufacture of other components and accessories for motor vehicles
  • 30910 - Motorcycle Manufacturing
  • 25734 - Manufacture of metal molds
  • 38311 - Dismantling of end-of-life vehicles

The option "Others" refers to companies that belong to CAE classes not mentioned above.


  1. For CAE 25734 - Manufacture of metal molds: 70% of the total value was considered for all years.
  2. For CAE 22111 - Manufacture of tires and inner tubes and tire reconstruction: for years with missing data, the weight of the CAE in the last year in which the data is present was considered.
  3. Data presented for the specific CAE classes and subclasses was sourced from INE, while data presented for the option "Others" is supplied by AFIA.